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Brain-Train is one of the first products to be released by Toytemic. While manipulating or remotely controlling a train user programs its speed, rout and motion patterns.


Toytemic is a developers company aiming mainly toy robotics. The core technology being developed by Toytemic is a positioning system for networks of self-propelled devices. The core technology is completed with a number of application-specific features.

TOYTEMIC Inventions, LLC is a privately held company founded in 2011 for commercialization of the technology being developed by its owners and their partners. Toytemic is a resident of Skolkovo Innovation Center.

Excessive virtualization of games and entertainments of modern kids and teens leads to loss of reality. We at Toytemic believe games should be brought back from behind the screen into the real world of tangible things.

Prior to releasing its core positioning system Toytemic plans to enter the market with a series of niche products made with discrete components in order to occupy a place darmes on the target segments. Several prototypes are close to be carried to product samples.

Toytemics multidisciplinary team is composed of engineers and designers highly experienced in radio electronics, chip-design, mesh networks, games and animation. Toytemic closely collaborates with several companies and groups developing original solutions in microelectronics, robotics, artificial intelligence and toy design, Business Incubator of the Academy of National Economy, Vernadskogo prospect, 82, 119571, Moscow, Russia, Phone:+7 495 933 81 87