How it is being done in Toytemic lab situated in the city of Vladimir?
Meet our engineers, developers and inventors…
Programming by manipulation. For toddlers and kids.
An article.
How self propelled touch sensitive toys might be programmed by little children with no any mediate means like buttons, or arrows or signs? Is it helpful for teaching the littlest ones?
Toytemic pre-history.
Video-clip. What we did before 2011? Where we’ve come from?
Strategy-on-Carpet. Invest project. 2011.
Presentation. 12 slides. The problem and its solution, establishing the missing link with Toytemic platform, business-model, market estimation, competitive landscape, team’s competence, key financial metrics, summary…
A short video-clip on Toytemic’s activities in 2011.
2 min.
Video-presentation of the general idea for Strategy-on-Carpet.
3 min. In Russian. English sub-titles. 2011.
Cultural Matrix.
Extract from the speech at Russian Cisco I-PRIZE 2011.
The newly-arisen desire is to see Pokemon, carefully nurtured and trained in his virtual environment, jumping from the screen – into here, into this very room. And take it in one’s hands and touch it.
Toytemic Dancing (Interface Puppet). 2010.
Presentation. 12 slides.
What is it? What is it for? How does it work? Market segment. The technology. Technology extensions. Team’s competence.
Generalized portrait of new-generation toys.
An article by Evgeny Smetanin. In Russian. Extracts in English. 2009.
Robotic kits are still too complex for kids. The thing to do is providing such toys and accessories, each of which, even taken individually, is a game object combinable with many other objects., Business Incubator of the Academy of National Economy, Vernadskogo prospect, 82, 119571, Moscow, Russia, Phone:+7 495 933 81 87